I love my friends, but sometimes I wanna go grammar nazi all over em
  1. ..."We have planted the guidon, now it's time for everyone to get in the fight.
    Idk why it's so difficult to throw a coordinating conjunction after an independent clause, or, just as well, replace that comma with a semicolon/period. This has become one of the more common blunders as of late.
  2. Your welcome, looking forward to meeting her someday.
    See above, also, how about adding an apostrophe and an "e" to that improperly used word at the beginning of "you're" sentence?
  3. Our troops were fired upon with suspected mustard gas by ISIS. ladies and gentlemen wether it was ineffective or NOT this is consider weapons of mass destruction and calls for immediate all out war.
    *<delete all>...I'll ignore the plethora of offenses to the English language herein and focus this time instead on my wish that fewer of my friends would want to so eagerly flaunt their war-boners. Most of them are from my old platoon, but for some reason I still just don't feel the same way.
  4. That's actually all for today! I guess college is working better than I thought. It's progress, anyway.