I did not just borrow these and burn me on the hard drive. No, I either ordered these on Amazon or eBay, or saw them at Best Buy and took them in exchange for my cash.
  1. Stadium Arcadium by RHCP
    I don't remember why I got this on on CD, but I still sometimes pop this gem in even where there is a strong data signal.
  2. Motion Picture Soundtrack: Hot Rod
    I think I probably picked this up at Wal Mart around 2008. Impulsively.
  3. I Might be Wrong by Radiohead
    Really good live album that I must have bought myself, since none of my friends like Radiohead and would probably not willingly listen to Thom Yorke spaz out on stage.
  4. Feedback by Jurassic 5
    I'd forgotten about these guys when I spotted this one sitting on a shelf somewhere. I got excited and decided I wouldn't wait to get home and reset my iTunes password and all that. So I bought it and listened to it on the way home. Hasn't left the car since.
  5. 1039/Smoothed out Slappy Hours by Green Day
    Still haven't really gotten into it. A friend saw it while we were shopping and said I should hear the last track. I don't know where this cd is anymore, but I'll check under the seats next time I vacuum the car.
  6. Brushfire Fairytales by Jack Johnson
    Uploaded it to the computer and disposed of the disc.
  7. Gutthevan by Dispatch
    I believe this was the last cd I bought before I discovered Napster/Bearshare/Kazaa. I think I've been to Best Buy like twice since then.
  8. Batman Forever Soundtrack
    Way underrated. One might compare it to a kiss from a rose.
  9. Four by Blues Traveler
    This is actually also the very first cd I ever purchased. I didn't have to buy much music-wise as a kid with four older and hipper siblings. God I still love this cd so much.