This is so boring it sometimes makes me cry (and I'm not really a crier)
  1. Stay on the grass! No dog of mine is gonna poop on asphalt.
  2. Why is she stretching her leash. Hurts her more than it hurts me. Do dogs know that?
  3. Does she not know that this is a "poop walk?" Prolly not. She still doesn't know which way to go after I get home and let her out the crate. "No! Not meal time! Back door! Go outside!
  4. We're not in our neighborhood anymore. Oh no. She ain't gonna poop.
    "If we go all the way back home and you poop inside, I will drive you to the woods and release you from captivity. You won't last a day..."
  5. Is she peeing? Nope! Yessssss! Shit on that lawn!
    Did I bring bags? Yep! Alright, let's bag this shit and go home!
  6. My dog rocks.