Top 5 Scorcese films IMO

This is pain. To say one is greater than another. But I do it. Because
  1. The Departed
    Even the story of the film's production is epic. A film about Law Enforcement corruption in South Korea reimagined in South Boston...and it's the best cast film in my lifetime (1986-now). And the dichotomy of Leo's crime-bred cop vs. Matt Damon's Squeaky/clean Gangster turned Massachusetts Statey. The supporting cast...Vera Farmiga...Anthony Anderson. I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking, "yep, I'll always remember the first time I saw this."
  2. Gangs of New York
    I am not a New Yorker, but I can appreciate an Englishman (Daniel Day-Lewis) portraying a19th century New Yorker/crime boss (Bill the Butcher) mentoring a young orphan (Leonardo DiCaprio), whose father he'd killed. Without the gripping storyline and my addiction to American historical dramas, I don't see how I can be expected to resist the cast of this masterpiece. And yeah, John C. Reilly is in it too.
  3. Casino
    Oh, is it the joy of hate-watching greed? Is it the ifact that Sharon Stone is a human magnet portraying a total train wreck?? Is it the gornographic depiction of a would-be rat having his head squeezed ungently between the jaws of a vise? Or is it the delight at watching the diminutive joe Pesci own the screen as the toughest guy on earth? I watched it on basic cable as a 12 yr old, and I enjoy it still.
  4. Goodfellas
    It's very much like "Casino," but with a more unhinged (less hinged?) Robert De Niro and an awe-inspiring performance by Ray Liotta.
  5. Raging Bull
    I couldn't think of any other Scorcese flix.