I crap you not: I once had to answer this question on a job application. Hod I would've loved that job. Here's what I wrote:
  1. Beach boys
    Cuz Pet Sounds and we can't claim the Beatles.
  2. Weezer
    I chose to not include Nirvana in my list. After that decision, I decided that I had to also exclude the other two grunge bands (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden), out of respect for Kobain. So, I decided that the right 90's non-grunge band was Weezer.
  3. Vampire Weekend
    Because they are masterpieces and I dream their songs.
  4. Aerosmith
    I watched Steven Tyler perform live in DC the other day. It was incredible, and I'd trade the memory for naught. He played "Dream On" on piano after covering a solid Beatles medley (which he nailed handily). God I love this band and Tyler's godlike falsetto. BTW, he had the restraint to not perform the Armageddon theme in the two hour set that he delivered beautifully.
  5. The Killers
    Also Brandon Flowers solo
    Suggested by @angela3950