Since my first voyage by air, I've been puzzled by the lack of people singing. I can't keep quiet on a half hour drive, for shitsake. I should have the nuts to sing on a two-hour flight. But I can't. Not the same way, I mean. I gave to, instead, figure out ways to sing along to the music in my ears without annoying the crowd around me. Here's how:
  1. Hum it!
    Just shut your mouth and let the melody out through your nostrils. You'll find that you can't really make much noise with your mouth shut, but you can still work the vocal cords.
  2. Cover your mouth
    Yep. Cup your mouth and yell as loud as you like. It's like screaming into a pillow. You can sing as loud as you need if you have an air-tight seal (you can do it). Very little noise will escape your hands, and what little does will drown under the sound of the engine (ever try to hold a quiet convo on a flying plane? I've always had to scream to be heard, and so I don't worry about strangers overhearing my beautiful melodies. I don't have the pipes; this is where I get to celebrate this fact.
  3. Go to the bathroom.
    This is your sanctuary. No one will hear you here. Neither Bocelli nor Pavarotti can disturb the passengers beyond this door. So you're safe here. Belt it.
  4. Be a pilot
    Tell me there is a pilot out there that doesn't sing while flying. I'll tell you there is a pilot with no soul.