1. Being a four-year-old
    What a life. I can ask all the stupid questions I want, and everybody is happy to answer as best as they can. After that, I run around indoors, crawl underneath stuff, watch cartoons, and get nap time. Everyday. I don't think I appreciated that last part at the time, but now that I've lost the ability to take a nap, it sounds like magic.
  2. Being thirteen years old.
    A lot going on. Didn't care for the cracky voice or suddenly realizing that I'm sporting wood in public, but I sure do miss waking up knowing that I'll one day, and one day soon, be taller.
  3. Seinfeld
    Back then I didn't know every word to every episode.
  4. Weezer in their prime.
    The worst of that decade still beats the best of the decades following.
  5. Traditional animation
    Before Dreamworks, there were pencils and the occasional use of CGI. I remember being amazed by the effects used for the magic carpet rides in Aladdin. Now I can hardly remember the old-school cartoons, and to find them I have to go on YouTube, where I used to go hunting for video game trailers.
  6. Which reminds me...N64!
    Yep. Goldeneye, Mario64, Ocarina of Time. I'd have probably been more athletic a kid without it, but I could not resist.
  7. America Online
    I don't really"miss" the ancient browser in the every sense, but I do miss being excited about the emerging technology of the Internet. It taught me how to play guitar, how to text message ("I.M."), and it made academic research less of a logistical hassle. One day I'm sure I'll miss the Li.st and Facebook. But not Twitter. Never got into it.