I have not napped since I was 17yo. That was 13 yrs ago. I'm fine.
  1. I get 8hrs of zz a night and 16 hrs of good life during the day.
    And if it weren't for one I'd not have the other. I tucker myself out and recharge when its darkest out.
  2. Last time I napped I had a bad dream
    When I was 17, last time I napped, I was working nights and going to college full time. I'd nap during the afternoons after class, but every afternoon, without fail, the nap would begin and end with a terrible sleep paralysis dream. No voice, no ability to move. Some threat looming all the while be it rodent, reptile, or robber.
  3. I suck at naps
    Sometimes I want to catch up on sleep. I keep hearing that an afternoon nap can be a healthy alternative to coffee or just powering through it. Nonetheless, I just can never pull it off. I just lie there, trying to stare a hole in my eyelids, wondering what lies beyond them or what is happening in my backyard (nothing; The raccoon trap was a failure, and I need time to accept that). Idk why I can't nap; I tell myself it's because I'm not a teenager anymore, but dad still naps at 64y/o
  4. Perils of unconsciousness
    What if my dog thinks I'm dead and eats me? What if I actually die and my dog eats me? What if I don't wake up in time to feed Millie her dog dinner, and —duh— she eats me?? What if someone breaks in whilst I sleep (in the middle of the friggin day like a nocturnal bitch)and steals my sweet dog...and EATS HER?? Id never forgive myself. I gotta stay alert while the world is wide awake.