Wikipedia adventure

Sometimes I look something up on Wikipedia. Then I see a link to another wiki article. Then I just keep clicking.
  1. Deadshot
    It started with IMDB. I wanted to know more about Will Smith's character in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Before I made it to the second paragraph, I saw a link to an article on...
  2. The Antihero
    They're very popular these days, as we know. But this article points out that Clint Eastwood made the character type pretty popular, way back in the heyday of the...
  3. Spaghetti Western
    Having seen a few of these old Italian-produced American cowboy flicks, I skimmed through this, til I spotted the name...
  4. Django
    I thought maybe it was the original off which Tarantino based Django Unchained. Nope. Different story. Thematic similarities, sure. Violent and probably influential to Tarantino. But not what I thought I'd be reading. Nonetheless interesting synopsis provided by Wikipedia. Thanks again Mr. Wales. I'll be back soon.