attempting to become a list app celeb
  1. I literally have 2 followers. I don't know them.
    Who will appreciate my witty insights?!?
  2. Maybe if I am clever enough @bjnovak will follow me?
    Ideal: he and @mindy would follow me and recognize my genius and hidden talents that even I have yet to discover and I can become their friend. I'm not even asking for best friend status. Just the "hey we should probably hang with Lauren soon because I'm starting to feel bad it's been so long" kind of friends. But I'd be pleased with a follow-back.
  3. I feel like all my lists are going to be about food...
    Pass the popcorn I'm over it.
  4. I'm stingy with my data.
    Necessary evils.
  5. I never really got into the whole gif scene...?
    But it seems optional?
  6. What if my students begin to catch on to how great @list is?
    Whatever. They're still on Instagram.
  7. What if it's just a phase?
    Like my smoothie phase. Or my Raisin Bran phase. Or my Wes Anderson phase. (To be fair: I'm still in that last one I'm just patiently waiting for the next WA film and have become distracted by the election which is almost as fascinating as Budapest hotels and Bill Murray cameos.)