1. 😆
    I liken this to a HA-HA or a HE-HE rather than LOL
  2. 🤔
    The thinking emoji also what I like to refer to as the hmmmmm emoji
  3. 🤗
    Not sure what it's SUPPOSED to mean, but for me it's a BIG HUG
  4. 🙄
    Ahhhh, the eye roll (LOVE IT)
  5. 😵
    My eyes, my eyes- I can't in-see that
  6. 😳
    What the....
  7. 😴
    This is obviously the sleepy emoji, but it can double as the you're boring me to sleep emoji
  8. 😁
    Yikes, Jesh, Really?!
  9. 😍
    Love IT, not I LOVE YOU (at least that's how I use it)
  10. 👆🏼
    That comment right there (whether it's good or bad
  11. 🤓
    This emoji reminds me of Jerry Lewis as The Nutty Professor (random)
  12. 😋
  13. 😖
    What is that smell?!