So good, I almost wish I could time-travel back and see them all again with a virgin brain.
  1. The Leftovers, season 2 (HBO)
    Stunning. Every episode is completely different from the one before. Gorgeous score. And the concept (2% of the world's population the same time for no reason anyone can prove) is worth thinking about...just not for too long. Society reacts in ways predictable and not. INTENSE. Renewed for a final season 3.
  2. Fargo, season 2 (FX)
    Showrunner Noah Hawley is a gift to the TV lovers of the world. Brilliant. Also: can Jean Smart be in everything ever? And Patrick Wilson maybe? Renewed for season 3.
  3. Mad Men, season 7, pt 2 (AMC)
    Goodbye Don 🍸Betty 🚬 Sally 🙆Roger ⚜Joan 👠 Peggy 💼 and Pete 🛩 will never be the same without y'all.
  4. Game of Thrones, season 5 (HBO)
    Not a bad episode in the bunch. Yeah, there was ~outrage over sexism, but it's a medieval AU, so of course. An epic battle in "Hardhome," outstanding acting, and that final scene that we don't talk about. We know nothing. Season 6 starts 4/24.
  5. Mr. Robot, season 1 (USA)
    Is he crazy? Is it all real? How great a name is "fsociety"? Who is Darlene? What languages are Tyrell and his wife speaking when they're alone? Who is Christian Slater supposed to be? Why is B.D. Wong in drag? WHAT IS HAPPENING? Renewed for season 2.
  6. UnReal, season 1 (Lifetime)
    SO. GOOD. Set in the fictional world of a reality show exactly like "The Bachelor." Manipulation, secret sex, lies, and Shiri Appleby as the Associate Producer who falls in lust with "The Suitor"...its gritty and edgy and SHOCKING that it's on Lifetime, but there you go. Renewed for season 2.
  7. Wayward Pines, season 1 (Fox)
    Creepy and weird and ultimately, mind blowing AND tragic at the same time. Not an easy feat to pull off, but they did. For dystopian fantasists who love a good twisty tale. Also: Matt Dillon ❤️ Renewed for season 2.
  8. Halt and Catch Fire, season 2 (AMC)
    The continued adventures of four upstarts in the brand-new (1980s) PC business, trying again and again to produce a viable startup. The premise doesn't sound that exciting, but trust me, IT IS. Renewed for season 3.
  9. The Americans, season 3 (FX)
    Philip and Elizabeth are the all-American couple living in the D.C. suburbs in 1984. They look, dress, speak and behave just like everyone else. They own their own travel agency. But they were born and raised and indoctrinated in Mother Russia, and they're KGB spies. Oh, and an FBI agent lives across the street. Tense, gripping, and occasionally subtitled. Currently airing season 4.
  10. Jessica Jones (Netflix)
    How do I love it? Let me enumerate the ways: Jessica's PTSD, Jessica's badassery, TRISH, Carrie-Ann Moss's return to a great role, and David Tennant's Kilgrave. Of all the evil to fear, total mind control is THE WORST THERE IS, amirite? Chilling. Emotional. Painful. Gloriousssss.