And their effect on the quality of lists I can produce
  1. On my iPhone, it can access all my 3000+ photos, no problem
  2. On my iPad, however, despite my giving it access, it cannot, in fact, access ANY of my photos or albums
    It shows me blank gray placeholders instead of thumbnails, but with the proper Album titles
  3. I don't want to have to switch to my phone just so I can add a photo or gif to a list because everything is tiny and it gives me a headache
    I'm used to the iPad, I've had one since Christmas 2011, FFS. I don't even use my phone for Instagram.
  4. Check it out: if I click on one of the gray thumbnails, VOILA! A random photo of Jon Hamm! That's great!
    But the thing is, I can't actually SEE what the photo IS until it's HERE, so I'm thinking my Lists could be illustrated pretty randomly and/or inappropriately if I can't figure out how to fix this.
  5. Let's just see what another randomly chosen gray thumbnail photo from My Library is:
    Niiiiice. That's Jensen Ackles, sipping whiskey on a stage at a convention. Yeah, no, this isn't gonna work.
  6. If you can suggest a solution, I'd be grateful to hear it.
    Listmania is upon me.