Because I really love guitar in all its variations, but the bass in particular
  1. Geddy Lee (RUSH)
    Nothing more to say. I will fight you on this one. And THAT VOICE.
  2. Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    Makes "Higher Ground" look EASY.
  3. Louis Johnson (The Brothers Johnson)
    Have a listen to "Strawberry Letter 23" from 1977 and marvel. Perfected the art of the slap wayyyy back in 1969.
  4. John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
    Magical. Understated and exactly right for the band, the songs, the times.
  5. Chris Squire (Yes)
    Roundabout. All that needs to be said.
  6. John Entwhistle (The Who)
    Like JPJ, a case of a bassist with the perfect style + the perfect band mates = bass player Hall of Fame. So good you don't even realize it until he's not there.
  7. Jaco Pastorius
    A legend, a true star, idol to Metallica's Rob Trujillo, no slouch himself.
  8. Paul McCartney (The Beatles, Wings)
    Left-handed AND simultaneous vocals. A no-brainer. If you don't think he's one of the greats, you haven't been listening.
  9. Andy Rourke (The Smiths)
    Perfection. "This Charming Man"—-he dazzles. Just mastery of the instrument.
  10. John Deacon (Queen)
    The ultimate style chameleon. He can play anything and play it expertly. Queen did everything from hard & heavy to operatic whimsy, and Deacon's bass was the perfect match for Brian May's lead guitar theatrics.
  11. Colin Greenwood (Radiohead)
    Chills & thrills. EVERY. SINGLE. SONG.