We can't go two weeks without losing someone we love...
  1. Natalie Cole
    (Technically 12/31/15, but man)
  2. David Bowie
    Still hurts
  3. Alan Rickman
    Truly, madly, deeply Ioved
  4. Paul Ray
    Austin DJ/Musician, local pain
  5. Keith Emerson of ELP
    Suicide seems somehow worse
  6. Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire
    Star shine down its light on you
  7. Garry Shandling
    When will this stop hurting?
  8. Antonin Scalia
    Just kidding! This one didn't hurt!
  9. Phife Dawg
    Helped change everything with "Tribe Called Quest."
    Suggested by   @evan
  10. Glenn Frey
    How is this possible? I FORGOT him.
  11. Wayne Rogers
    Grew up watching M*A*S*H