Because I love him ❤️
  1. Legend
    Twin British gangsters in swinging 60's London, annnnd one of them's a schizophrenic...Tom vs Tom. Epic.
  2. Bronson
    British petty criminal confined to life behind bars for being the most violent prisoner ever, and Tom crushes. it.
  3. Locke
    Just Tom in a BMW, driving to London from up in a northern town, while his life (and lots of other people's) depends on his decisions, communicated entirely via cell phone. Riveting, suspenseful, funny, devastating.
  4. The Revenant
    I saw the whole film half-drunk and only realized he had been in it when his name popped up second to Leo's in the end credits, and I spent a good 3 minutes wondering who he'd played...but that awful Fitzgerald guy DID have an unusually attractive mouth...
  5. The Drop
    Gimme that Brooklyn accent, James Gandolfini, and Tom + a cute dog, please. Total sleeper. Stayed with me for days.