Analogies I Am Working On And Will Be Eventually Proud Of

  1. Getting your period in the first couple of years is like first making an Instagram account. Your follower to followee ratio is going to eff around by being extremely screwy and imbalanced for a while but will eventually become a relatively stable yet ever-demonic force that you must always be on the lookout for to keep the balance in the force.
    (Wow, I also managed to reference Star Wars in this as well. Good God woman, curb your uncalculated references to pop culture! They must be rationed and savored for choice moments of rhetorical appeal) *note to self*
  2. We can alternate divisi anytime even if you're on the outside chair and I'm on the inside chair 😉 -my analogy for having some fluidity with gender roles in a romantic relationship
  3. having the same sincerity of a fortune cookie (not sincere or credible)