1. Don't practice until you can play it right; practice until you can't play it wrong -told to me by my orchestra conductor Maestro Stelluto
  2. It's not about if you make it there first. It's about how many people you pass before the finish line -Mr Lee
  3. The most successful people, at least in the dance/theatre business that I have known, are the most hardworking and the most kind and genuinely nice to everyone they meet and work with
    -Michele Mossay
  4. be fearless. dont kiss ass to anyone. dont overwork/stress yourself in this college process and in the next four years to the point that you burn out. believe in yourself. be real and honest about what you're doing and with other people. dont let one person's opinion of your art stop you.
    -Phoebe Nir
  5. "With structure comes freedom."
    Quoted by Professor Winar, said by Viola Spolin (I think? Either way, Professor Winar was talking about having a structure for theatre games that in turn provides freedom to play/explore