Funny Moments 1/28, Saturday at Juilliard

  1. 1/28- Orchestra, ellie and I repeatedly not coming in correctly because we were either distracted from discussing music markings, writing down fingerings/bowings, arguing about writing fingerings and bowings, or laughing so hard because of all of the above
  2. 1/28- Chamber, Laudace, laudace, toujours laudace" 4-count cue, Ellie saying "Oh whoa I played this whole part with one finger and it sounded good!" and me saying "well great to hear, I'll take four of your fingers and put them on the organ donation list" and then her dying laughing
  3. 1/28- Dr. Chao getting all existential saying "Well why do we need to know anything?" in a sassy but funny tone to Dawn. HILARIOUS contrast to Ms. Chao's usual monotone character
  4. 1/28- Nathan holding the flowers for the entire theory class "because he likes the way they smell". Very casually and matter of factually holds them propped up to his face as he did the classwork AND when he went up to the board AND went up to the piano for Sessler to review his work LOL