1. My best friend holding her cat.
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    I think she likes her cat more than she likes me, but I'll get over it... Eventually.
  2. When I met a Taylor Swift lookalike in Barnes and Noble and my best friend, Anna, took a selfie with her.
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    Anna makes this face a lot.
  3. When we took a group picture with the Taylor Swift lookalike.
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    She was really friendly, which helped take the awkwardness out of asking a complete stranger for their picture.
  4. I don't have a sentimental reason for choosing this picture.
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    I just really like macaroons.
  5. My best friend and a dog in a hipster health food store.
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    I have like twelve pictures of her with that dog.
  6. This selfie with my favorite child and her bowl of macaroni.
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    Expect more of these in this list.
  7. Another selfie with her.
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    We look a bit deranged, but that's accurate.
  8. And another one, because she's adorable.
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    I warned you.
  9. I tried to look like a L'oreal model and failed.
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    Wind is not as predictable as it seems in advertisements.
  10. This selfie with my little sister.
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    Because I love my little sister.
  11. No sentimental reason for this one either, I just like bikes with baskets.
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    Riding them however....
  12. This picture of one of my closest friends in a dancey pose.
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    She's a dancer, so it's fitting.
  13. This museum snapchat I had on my story forever ago.
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    I find it funny, because no one uses the term frenemy anymore.
  14. This picture of my sister with a cow mask she made.
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    No explanation necessary.
  15. This really dramatic picture of my best friend.
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    She looks like a superhero.
  16. This uncomfortable picture from prom.
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  17. Puppy.
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  18. This poorly lit picture of some of my favorite people.
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  19. My friends are great at posing.
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  20. This was taken on my eighteenth birthday.
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    Tiaras and plastic jewelry suit adulthood well.
  21. This picture of another one of my closest friends laughing.
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    She's got a really cute face.
  22. This selfie with my attractive, ballerina friend.
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  23. My favorite kind of flower.
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  24. This really cute selfie of my mentor friend.
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  25. This selfie of my grandfather and I.
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    We were touring Washington, DC.
  26. This really cute selfie my best friend took.
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    I talk about her a little too much probably.
  27. This picture of my childhood friend holding a skink.
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    He's a hand model.
  28. This picture of my sister and her childhood friend on scooters in the grocery store.
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    They raced and bought cactuses.
  29. This selfie.
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    Is it narcissistic to end this with a selfie? Oh well.