Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. My best friend holding her cat.
    I think she likes her cat more than she likes me, but I'll get over it... Eventually.
  2. When I met a Taylor Swift lookalike in Barnes and Noble and my best friend, Anna, took a selfie with her.
    Anna makes this face a lot.
  3. When we took a group picture with the Taylor Swift lookalike.
    She was really friendly, which helped take the awkwardness out of asking a complete stranger for their picture.
  4. I don't have a sentimental reason for choosing this picture.
    I just really like macaroons.
  5. My best friend and a dog in a hipster health food store.
    I have like twelve pictures of her with that dog.
  6. This selfie with my favorite child and her bowl of macaroni.
    Expect more of these in this list.
  7. Another selfie with her.
    We look a bit deranged, but that's accurate.
  8. And another one, because she's adorable.
    I warned you.
  9. I tried to look like a L'oreal model and failed.
    Wind is not as predictable as it seems in advertisements.
  10. This selfie with my little sister.
    Because I love my little sister.
  11. No sentimental reason for this one either, I just like bikes with baskets.
    Riding them however....
  12. This picture of one of my closest friends in a dancey pose.
    She's a dancer, so it's fitting.
  13. This museum snapchat I had on my story forever ago.
    I find it funny, because no one uses the term frenemy anymore.
  14. This picture of my sister with a cow mask she made.
    No explanation necessary.
  15. This really dramatic picture of my best friend.
    She looks like a superhero.
  16. This uncomfortable picture from prom.
  17. Puppy.
  18. This poorly lit picture of some of my favorite people.
  19. My friends are great at posing.
  20. This was taken on my eighteenth birthday.
    Tiaras and plastic jewelry suit adulthood well.
  21. This picture of another one of my closest friends laughing.
    She's got a really cute face.
  22. This selfie with my attractive, ballerina friend.
  23. My favorite kind of flower.
  24. This really cute selfie of my mentor friend.
  25. This selfie of my grandfather and I.
    We were touring Washington, DC.
  26. This really cute selfie my best friend took.
    I talk about her a little too much probably.
  27. This picture of my childhood friend holding a skink.
    He's a hand model.
  28. This picture of my sister and her childhood friend on scooters in the grocery store.
    They raced and bought cactuses.
  29. This selfie.
    Is it narcissistic to end this with a selfie? Oh well.