I changed quite a bit this year. I'll be nineteen in three months, this is what I think will change.
  1. I'll mellow out even more.
    Fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen were loud years. I was pretty damn obnoxious, but I can feel myself mellowing out. Goodbye ill-timed sexual jokes, hello reading books at parties.
  2. I'll be more productive
    Maybe? Hopefully?
  3. I'll start spending time with a few close friends, I'll cut out meaningless meetings with acquaintances.
    This is less a prediction and more a plan. I just feel so much better when I'm spending time with people I connect with.
  4. I have no idea
    Changing is nice, but also terrifying. It's my last year of being a teenager and I don't think my personality is fixed. I feel like I'm going to change a lot.