I have been relatively healthy this year, I've only had a few minor colds. I haven't had to miss any classes. This Thursday, I woke up with a scratchy throat. It has been progressively getting worse. Today, I woke up with the plague. Hundreds of gallons of mucous are currently filling my sinuses and I cannot speak. Also, I have my period.
  1. PRO: No one has told me to stop complaining.
    Maybe, because my voice sounds like the anthropomorphic mucous character in the Mucinex commercials? Maybe, because I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed zombie? Either way, people pity me so much that they're letting unbridled complaints soar through my lips with no consequence or criticism whatsoever.
  2. CON: No candy.
    Since, my trick or treating would expose hundreds of children to what I can only assume is the swine flu's distant cousin, I am forced to stay home this year. As I am eighteen years old, it's probably for the best. That doesn't stop me from being bitter about it though.
  3. PRO: No exposure to minion costumes.
    There are many different costumes that I don't want to see this Halloween, but minion costumes are on the top of the list.
  4. CON: Crippling loneliness.
    My friends are out. I am home with nothing to do and no one to do it with. I had to cancel plans. I am miserable.
  5. PRO: No last minute costume to throw together.
    I've procrastinated, so I wasn't actually prepared in any way for Halloween. At least, I won't have to go to Goodwill and throw together a pun or food based costume.
  6. CON: No costume in general.
    Although putting together a Halloween costume last minute is stressful, it's also a costume. I love costumes and makeup. Halloween is my one excuse to wear them.
  7. PRO: Harry Potter movie marathons.
    I can lie in bed and watch all nineteen hours of Harry Potter.
  8. CON: I'm sick on Halloween.
    I'm trying to make the best of this, but I'm very disappointed that I cannot follow through on my plans and trick or treat with friends. I feel absolutely terrible already and losing the opportunity to spend time with people I love on a holiday makes it a lot worse. I have to keep in mind that I'm very blessed. I live in a wealthy country. I'm healthy. I'm young. Ah screw it. I'M SICK ON HALLOWEEN DAMN IT.