I can't sleep.
  1. I want a relationship like a heavy comforter. I want drowsiness and comfort. I want to feel safe.
  2. Her eyes were like two sapphires dropped in clay. The red drew out their color.
  3. His speaking voice was as light and sweet as angel food cake. He spoke like a breeze through wind chimes. He sang like thunder.
  4. Her screams were like tears in fabric.
  5. Being with her felt the way the tide feels towards the moon. I was always reaching, but I could never touch her.
  6. She made mistakes like sloppy eyeliner. She could fix them, but it took more work than she anticipated.
  7. Reading was like alcohol. Warm. Bitter. Addictive.
  8. He was sour and bitter like grapefruit. I could taste him long after he left my lips.