Television Characters I Identify With

  1. Leslie Knope
    I love politics and I love people. I'm very emotionally expressive and I idolize my best friend. Lots of people compare me to Leslie and I love it. Out of all the characters I'm about to list, I feel like Leslie is the closest to who I am as a whole.
  2. Mindy Lahiri
    I am stubborn and a little bossy. I like being right. I engage in a lot of witty banter. I also wear really colorful clothing.
  3. Kelly Kapoor
    I am very dramatic.
  4. Michael Scott
    I have an intense desire to be liked. I have good intentions, but I usually wind up looking like an idiot.
  5. Winston Bishop
    I love my cat and I am allergic to MSG. I'm usually oblivious to drama.
  6. Linda Belcher
    I'm loud. I sing all the time. I'm very protective of people I love.
  7. Sookie St. James
    I'm enthusiastic and bubbly. I can be clumsy and absentminded. I am very particular about produce.
  8. Tobias Funkë
    I am incredibly awkward and ambiguously gay. I have unrealistic ambitions.
  9. Adrian Monk
    I'm loyal. I have OCD. I have a great memory.