I'm basically a sappy twelve year old. I almost titled this "Why My Best Friend is the Bestest Friend in the Whole World", but I decided against it, because I'm an adult.
  1. She texts me in all caps.
    We started messaging each other in 2012. I was fourteen and she was fifteen. We were obnoxious and texted each other in all caps. We are now adults and we still text each other in all caps. We only use lowercase letters when we're having a serious conversation.
  2. She introduces me to shows.
    We have the same sense of humor and she forces me to watch her favorite shows. When we hang out, she usually shows me one or two episodes. I laugh way too loudly. She teases me for laughing so much. I go home and watch all of the episodes. It's a good system.
  3. She puts up with my extrovertedness.
    Extrovertedness isn't a word, but she puts up with it. She's the most introverty introvert of them all, but she deals with me when I talk to strangers and drag her to social events. She accepts me for the loud, awkward, extrovert I am.
  4. She dislikes physical touch, but she hugs me anyway.
    She steps out of her comfort zone to make me feel loved and appreciated. She's so selfless and I don't deserve her.
  5. She's a dork.
    She makes dad jokes and references the doge meme. Our conversations are almost exclusively made up of puns.
  6. She's talented and creative.
    She has developed a gorgeous painting style. Her voice is clear and pleasant.
  7. She's the most generous person I know.
    Not only can she paint beautifully, but she's constantly giving her art away. She paints portraits of her friends without their prompting. She loves giving gifts. Her Christmas presents are always ten times better than mine.
  8. She cares about her friends deeply.
    She sticks with her friends. She's not flighty. She's never neglected me or ignored me. She listens.