Favorite Pieces of Art

art history makes me feel cultured and makes people think I'm smart so I better learn some names
  1. Skating By Manet
    This is one of those paintings that makes you jump into them like that one scene in Looney Tunes Back in Acton
  2. The room by Van Gogh
    I love the color and I feel like there's always something new to focus on
  3. The Kiss by Klimt
    This is just flat out GORGEOUS
  4. The Green Car by Clackens
    I feel like this painting was the origin of all those dollar store Christmas cards that have scenes of people walking through NYC in the 30s.
  5. Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer
    Just because it's one of the paintings I could name since I was a kid.
  6. Saturn Devouring His Son by Goya
    This painting is terrifying and that's why it should be stated at
  7. Boy with Apple by Van Hotyl