I'm just a lost college student with no plan. help.
  1. Famous YouTuber
    You know... the kind that isn't known for being annoying.
  2. Wildlife Animal person
    Idk what this job is. Basically I'd care for exotic animals and educate people.
  3. Flight Attendant
    You just need a high school diploma so technically I'm already set!!! Too bad I have slight motion sickness
  4. Beverage Restaurant Owner
    We would strictly serve drinks. Non-alcoholic... jk there would be alcohol but it would NOT be a bar.
  5. Instagram Fit-Tea Model
    It aligns with my goals of wanting to work out like crazy
  6. Ted Talk person
    It just seems fun
  7. Public Art person
    Id make public art all over the world.
  8. Filmmaker/ Science Documentary Consultant
    This is REALLY close to what I actually want to do.
  9. Anything without an office job.