Inspired by @joemurphy et al
  1. Taboo
    I am so good at taboo that 3 separate times in my life when I have played taboo with groups that included men I had not previously met, those men subsequently asked me out (I sincerely believe this was based almost solely on my taboo performance)
  2. Packing a suitcase
    I can fit a lot in and I also organize it well and plus I remember to bring all sorts of things that other people forget to pack
  3. Critiquing peoples' baby name choices
    I'm so juddgy and I have so many more thoughts that you'd think was possible
  4. Thoughtful gift giving
    I know a lot of people put this but I am good at remembering things people like and/or have mentioned offhandedly and incorporating them into really nice presents. I also hand make a lot of my gifts AND wrap them I unique ways.
  5. Pottery
    I'm not a master potter or anything but I do ok
  6. Reciting the entire first page of "Love song for J Alfred Prufrock" from memory
    Some reallllly good lines in there - "let us go then, you and I/when the evening is spread out against the sky/like a patient etherized upon a table"
  7. Interior design
    I'd like to think so anyway
  8. Remembering little but meaningful details about people's families
    I'll remember your mom's birthday and your sister's top 5 favorite books and what song was playing when your dad told that story about Vietnam
  9. Finding exactly what I'm looking for on google with very little prior information
    I'm an excellent stalker when need be
  10. Having the right art supply on hand
    I am actually embarrassed about how many art supplies I own though
  11. Taking pictures
  12. Choosing paint colors
    I've helped a lot of people select paint colors for their homes and I'm good at figuring out what will look good while also reflecting their personal style (even when it is not my own)
  13. Being on time
    I value it and I'm good at it
  14. That arcade game where you control the metal claw and use it to pick up stuffed animals and other stuff you don't actually want
  15. Walking the fine line between sweet and snarky
    Someone just complimented me on this tonight actually