Arguments for Showering at Night 🚿

People think it's weird that I shower at night but I think you are weird for showering in the morning. Here's why.
  1. I can sleep in for that extra 15 minutes in the morning
    Morning sleep feels sooo good
  2. There is something psychologically satisfying about "washing away the day" at the end of a long one
  3. When I get in to bed after showering I am clean and thus my bed stays clean
    Bed is my refuge. Bed has to be clean.
  4. And therefore I have to wash the sheets less often
    Less laundry and chores is win/win
  5. If I shower in the morning and leave the house with wet-ish hair in the winter I get so cold and can't get warm all day
  6. I work with art supplies and children and can sometimes get kind of gross during the day
    So sometimes I shower right after work or right after dinner
  7. I can take my sweet time with my soap and shaving and luxuriating because I've got nowhere I have to be
  8. My hair takes a long time to dry all the way and I can let it air dry overnight and thus never have to blow dry it
    Again saving time so I can sleep more
  9. It feels harsh and inhumane to get wet immediately after waking up
    Am I the only one who thinks this?