And my answers - a post phone-call rundown.
  1. Is it still very hot where I am?
    Yes, very - North Carolina summers are no joke
  2. Am I dehydrated?
    Pretty sure no
  3. Did I eat any protein at dinner last night?
    Yes I made bean tacos and they were delicious
  4. Am I sure I don't need to bring a light jacket when I go to the store later?
    Yes I am sure, remember before when you asked if it was very hot? (Also I am a 33 year old grown up person and can accurately gage my outerwear needs without input - but I didn't say that part)
  5. Did I look for that guy on the sex offender registry before going on an okcupid date with him?
    OMG, please seriously stop watching the news (But yes)
  6. Will I make him show me his STD test results before I consider doing any sex things with him?
    Reception is fuzzy gotta go love you bye