1. Hair (once it has detached from its host)
    I will pay you a million dollars to clean my shower drain for me (I literally gagged just thinking about it) and/or vacuum up Darby's fur every day for the rest of my life
  2. Cockroaches
    They are so huge and they move so fast they are going to crawl in my mouth oh god
  3. Kitchen Sponges
    I go to extreme lengths to avoid touching them, thinking about them, and GOD FORBID smelling them
  4. Overhead fluorescent lights
    They make me feel deeply sad and weird; If you want me to not want to ever go somewhere just install them in that place
  5. Trash Can Lids
    You know when you have to throw something out in public but the trash can lid has like a swingy door opening that you have to TOUCH and even PRESS against in order to deposit your trash? Do you know how much gross trash has touched that swingy door that you are now touching? Do you realize that even if could wash your hands right after, you'd then have to throw away your paper towel and AGAIN Touch that swingy lid???
  6. When strange men tell me to smile
    Ew no