1. Text me a picture of a seemingly mundane thing you think is beautiful
  2. Engage me in conversation about something you heard on npr today
  3. Burst into song
  4. Bring me a venti light-ice chai latte (if it's summer) or a bento decaf mocha with no whipped cream (if it's winter)
  5. Send me a letter in the mail
  6. Tell me all the details of your home renovation project (seriously)
  7. Stop the car because you see a flower by the side of the road that you want to pick
  8. Use the phrase "uff-da!"
  9. Drop Trou and take a bow.
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  10. Give me a head scratch
    Even better, do it with this thing.
    Suggested by @songsofjeni
  11. Tell me about what you dreamt last night
    Suggested by @blanelly