I remind people of all sorts of things.
  1. Ok first here is me:
  2. And here are some of the things people say I remind them of:
  3. The girl with the pearl earring (from the Vermeer painting)
    I started with this one because I think being told I look like a person in a painting is romantic
  4. Regina Spektor
    But less talented
  5. A Fairy/Elf/Anime Princess
    I think large eyes are the reason for these compressions (or I have sprite-like mannerisms that I am unaware of)
  6. An acorn
    This was said to me by a 6 year old girl with autism and I kind of love this one best of all
  7. "That lesbian from All My Children"
    I googled her and her name is Eden Reigel
  8. A Belgian
    I've been told exactly three times that I have a "very Belgian face" (I am 0% Belgian).
  9. Zoe Kazan
    Whenever she has a new movie this one resurfaces as the most frequently mentioned resemblance
  10. A vegetarian
    I am not a vegetarian but people regularly assume I am and are even sometimes confused/shaken that I am not one and then I wonder about what I am doing to misrepresent myself as such
  11. Scarlett Johannson when she had brown hair
    This was said to me by a man who was almost certainly just trying to get laid but I'LL TAKE IT (p.s. those lines don't work on me try harder)
  12. A Ballerina
    I am a terrible dancer so this is bizarre to me, although I was once told I have a dancer's neck (by a drunk lady at an Indigo Girls concert)
  13. Visual aids: