Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. This gem
    My grandparents so obviously in love
  2. Holy tits this one
    My boyfriend took pictures of himself in my clothes. Rocking that tube top baby!
  3. This is golden
    Miriam Hasse. My best friend since before there were words. This is us at 3! I'm the dumbass who doesn't know how to slide
  4. So much happiness
    When my very close friend Lily was hurting because her college boyfriend was constantly breaking up with her and getting back together, I drunkenly wrote this message to him on cardboard. It now hangs on the house they live in together, 3 years later.
  5. And finally
    Jackie came to speak at my school and during her talk I couldn't help but ball as she read excerpts from the book she wrote that changed my life. The book is If You Come Softly, a modern day Romeo and Juliet starring a black boy and Jewish girl. She signed my copy of Brown Girl Dreaming after hugging me exactly when I needed to be held