1. That Parent Trap
    That is NOT the way to handle custody. You take one, I'll take one. That'll work out perfect for everyone. No.
  2. Ash Ketchum was 10
    You're 10? Here have a little animal that can shoot electricity! Are there any responsible adults in the Pokemon world.
  3. CatDog
    Why did we accept this?!? Is it the result of dog getting it on with a cat? How would that work? Was this a cruel science experiment gone wrong? Does Nickelodeon accept ideas from any stoner?
  4. Those hair ties with marbles on them
    All the rage in the 90s. They were a normal black elastics with marbles on them for decoration. Except when you pulled them back they put dents in your skull!
  5. Harold the Giraffe
    I think this was only a New Zealand thing. The whole class would gather into a dark trailer and the puppet head of a giraffe would stick out through one of the walls and tell us to say no to drugs. It was as weird as it sounds.
  6. Roald Dahl
    That dude wrote some messed up shit! Giants that ate kids, The Chokey as punishment, Willy Wonka killing off kids one by one, everything that happened on The Witches. Pretty much every book he wrote.