Why Legally Blonde Is the Feminist Manifesto of Our Time

  1. "Hot blonde goes to law school to get her boyfriend back"
    That sounds like it's going to be awfully offensive, but it get flipped into amazingness
  2. The Enid character is how everyone (men) think feminists are (like wanting to change the word semester to ovestor because the original clearly empowers semen over ovaries.)
    People are to busy laughing at that kind of feminist to notice Elle Woods has been one all along. Honourable mention to Enid's line: "the march lesbians against drunk driving"
  3. Elle doesn't used the word dyke
  4. 179 SAT score, I had no idea what that meant but I did some googling and that's impressive.
  5. She never changed who she was.
    It's who she was that won the case.
  6. She turns others into strong women
    She helps Paulette face her exboyfriend and get her dog back.
  7. The film ends with her being best friends with Vivian. Perfect.
    Why be pitted against each other when you can be besties. Side note: I need a film in between that I want to see them being best friends.