1. 2000s music
    (i wanna by all american rejects.. a bop)
  2. a scratchy throat
  3. peach lemonade
  4. black corduroys
  5. purple chipped nail polish
  6. friends that love me
  7. eyebrow plucking
  8. a georgia state quarter
  9. schoolboy q
  10. long shift
    being a barista is hard work
  11. flirty coworker
  12. a bottle of sprite
  13. 10 unanswered phone calls
  14. bad sex
    hilarious, but very bad
  15. late night atm
  16. italian sodas
  17. reminiscing on past loves
    ones who have come and gone
  18. all the things i've done wrong
    or could have done better
  19. cruelty free skin care products
  20. a happy cat
  21. my stomach tied in knots
  22. my mind wandering all night
  23. thinking of the future
    i actually have a lot going for me