i am aware of my privilege
  1. i am a US citizen
  2. i am not a person of color
  3. i am not apart of the LGBTQ community
  4. i am not muslim
  5. i am not in poverty
  6. i am employed
  7. i am insured with great health insurance
  8. i am a woman who will never have to step foot in a planned parenthood because of my great health insurance
  9. i am a woman in the western world
  10. i am going to college because i can afford it
  11. trumps presidency and policies will not directly affect my life
  12. but i do know the effect they will have on the lives of billions of other people
  13. it's more than politics
  14. it's compassion and empathy
  15. it's morals and ethics
  16. it's human rights and equal rights
  17. just because something doesn't impact you directly, does not mean it's not a problem
  18. educate yourself
  19. educate others
  20. stand up
  21. speak up
  22. be apart of history
  23. protest
    despite all the people saying it's pointless
  24. spread love