1. my bad luck sweater
  2. morality and absurdity
  3. a shakespearean play
  4. an old coworker as a teacher
    not awkward at all
  5. an inability to wink
  6. a crimson wave
  7. piles of procrastination
  8. a long nap
    didn't seem long enough
  9. pointless arguments
    they never seem to stop
  10. a big facility
  11. a drug support group
    ages 14 to 18, the first meeting of many
  12. introductions and ice breakers
  13. blank stares
  14. bottles of water
  15. gynecomastia and marijuana
  16. making new friends
    all ex drug dealers, but who am i to judge
  17. opening up
    which isn't easy considering my story
  18. a bet and a half
  19. excessive swearing
  20. a phone call with a friend
    after a long day of facing problems and self reflection, his voice is comforting and never fails to make me smile. being reassured that i'm not as crazy as i think i am, being told i'm beautiful, and being told i'm worth it means more than he will ever know. i am blessed and grateful. if it wasn't for him supporting me all these years i would be so lost.
  21. the taco bell drive thru
  22. career advice
  23. flirty compliments
  24. scolds and ecigs
  25. a crossword puzzle
  26. jugging and finessing
  27. a letter to my future self
  28. binge drinking
  29. easily spooked
    my friend called me back after hearing noises
  30. a tie dye tshirt
  31. smoking cravings
    im too young to have them
  32. cute boys
    way too many of them on my mind
  33. Static