1. a drug overdose
    woke up to the news of a friend, pretty sad stuff
  2. social media research
  3. dry eyes and dry shampoo
  4. a bowling alley
  5. a new person, a new friend, and a best friend
  6. an unwanted hedgehog
  7. a happy manager
  8. a daily phone call
  9. a placement test
  10. the rugby team
    i hate those fuckers
  11. a missing sketchbook
  12. indie films
    personal shopper with kristen stewart and we need to talk about kevin with ezra miller - both excellent
  13. a golf course
  14. a fender bender
  15. a bad job interview
  16. a drug education class
    one more to go until my charges get dropped
  17. missing parents
  18. baby pink vans
  19. a tight headband
  20. organic groceries
  21. noise complaints