I love all the foods and eat all the foodie things. except these items that create unparalleled repulsion in me.
  1. Raw oysters
    Will eat them fried or otherwise cooked.
  2. Dark chocolate
    Too bitter.
  3. Cold brew coffee
    Like being bunched in the mouth repeatedly.
  4. Foams
    Just...why. The texture is all wrong. Except for milk foam on a latte which is fucking delicious.
  5. Truffle oil.
    "Repulsion" is too extreme but I don't like it. Its taste takes over everything. So heavy handed.
  6. Chocolate dipped bacon / Bacon on donuts
    Why ruin a donut with bacon? Why ruin bacon by dipping it in chocolate, destroying both its savoriness and its crispiness? Yes, I like donuts and bacon. That does not mean they are better together. Same for choc and bac.