big questions i have about our world that i am too lazy to google or too embarassed to ask about.
  1. wtf is "red nose day" about?
  2. who decides the 3000 'holidays' that are marked on my calendar?
  3. why didnt i get a vote about the flouride 'they' keep adding to our water?
  4. whats the difference between a white and black hat hacker?
  5. why are 'they' still using chemtrails?
  6. is using CPR or the heimlich manuever possible on my dogs?
  7. why do we allow trash service if landfills are part of the problem?
  8. does anyone know a way to build or find a large cheap fire-pit?
    i mean what kind of container is large, cheap, and can hold a fire safely.
  9. who do our domesticated dogs descend from and what are my dogs' dietary needs?