Leslie Jones is hilarious. I'm so disgusted at what's been happening to her recently
  1. So let me give you some backstory
    About a month ago, Leslie had some Twitter drama after a fake account tweeted vulgar remarks and claimed to be her.
  2. Of course, Leslie reacted. She defended herself and still was harassed.
    Obviously this upset her, and she decided to take a short break from social media to avoid the negativity.
  3. The Olympics came and the entire world was reminded of her absolute hilarity and genuinely amazing spirit
    Seriously, she crushed it. I'm pretty sure her encouragement online and on the court/field/track etc helped win some athletes medals... Just saying.
  4. And now... Some mother fucker... HACKED HER ICLOUD
  6. Her privacy was ruined by some asshole behind a computer who wanted to feel big by tearing someone else down.
    Photos of her ID, passport and intimate moments were released. Yes, intimate as in "for my eyes and my partner/lover/whoever else decided by ME only" photos.
  7. These images were put onto her website.
  8. And I am so fucking pissed
  9. Because why are people trying so hard to undermine her success?
    People are constantly finding reasons to tear her down. Here is an amazing woman who is hilarious and kind and heartwarming, and yet people want to make her hurt.
  10. I don't understand
    I am so sad. I'm sad for her and for the world. This is the world, guys. It's people hurting other people with calculated attacks.
  11. I hate it. I hate it so much.
    I don't even know what else to say. Just that I'm mad and sad. Leslie was the guest on late night with Seth Meyers when I went to the taping. She was HILARIOUS and since then I've really grown to love her. She's like a best friend that I've never really met but I know we'd hit it off instantly. Did I mention she made me laugh harder than I ever have??
  12. I stand with Leslie
    That is all.