Specifically, "inclement winter weather"
  1. Okay folks, buckle your seatbelts, it's gonna be a wild ride this weekend
    Metro Atlanta is predicted to receive not 1 but 2 (!!!) inches of snow over the next two days
  2. Multiple school districts let kids out early or cancelled the day completely, because it could happen
    It was the safest option, obviously
  3. I've prepared a fool-proof list for how to handle days like these, so please follow carefully!
  4. First, you need to go to your local Kroger and buy only milk and bread. Yes, ONLY milk and bread. Anything else and you're just being greedy
    Winn Dixie will get the job done as well
  5. Bundle up, it's gonna get cold! Be sure to pull out your ski suit from the attic and glue together your sled from 5 years ago that was broken from the last time you tried to use it, only to find that you were sledding on rocks
  6. Cut down all of your trees
    This way, they can't fall on your house due to excess ice AND you can use the wood for keeping warm when your power goes out! I hope your fireplace works!
  7. Once the roads get really icy, get in your car and start driving
    No 4WD? No problem! This is the SOUTH we're talking about here! Go straight for busy roadways and drive as FAST as you can to outrun the snow. This is definitely the safest option, but make sure you packed some snacks!