1. I get to stay in a house that makes me feel like an adult
    Okay yes I live in a house in my college town but this house has cable! And a back porch! And a dining room!
  2. I always have an excuse to not do things
    I don't use it to get out of hanging out with people, but I always use it as reasoning for staying inside and watching Netflix all day... They'd be sad if they were alone
  3. On the other hand, it gets me outdoors
    I really try to get the dogs out once a day for a walk or a trip to the dog park
  4. Dog parks!!!!!
    I love dog parks because I scope out cuties
  5. Puppy face snapchat filter
    It's my guilty pleasure of snapchat and it's always appropriate when dogsitting. The dogs me such a good excuse to look cute af sticking my tongue out!!
  6. I get paid to do my favorite thing
    I seriously love dogs so getting paid to hang with them and sleep with them and cuddle with them is truly my dream job. Can I make a career out of this?