I just want to enjoy my overpriced coffee in peace!
  1. Number one pet peeve: LOUDLY TALKING ON YOUR CELL PHONE ABOUT PERSONAL/FAMILY/ WORK ISSUES. Yikes. Happening right now with some bearded northerner. Also, tell mark that I will personally kick his ass if he doesn't have the budget finalized by tomorrow.
  2. Yeah let me just leave my bag right here alone while I go to the bathroom. WRONG. They say it all the time: don't leave carry on bags unattended! I'm on my paranoid shit when I fly. Don't do that to me!
  3. Lounging around and sleeping like you own the place. Sorry airport peers, I do this one too.
  4. Personal note I'm sorry that I pee a lot so please don't make me feel bad for making you get up 3 times!!!!