those who know me know I will look up detailed product/user reviews before making any decision.... here are my highly guarded criteria
  1. IMDB
    if it's under 7.0 I won't watch it.... the highest ranking currently on imdb is a 9/10, so most good movies fall between 7 and 9
  2. Amazon
    4/5 stars is ideal, sometimes an exception for a 3.5/5 stars product... product must also have 10+ reviews
  3. Yelp
    another five star system with room for more leniency based on price and location. I try to eat at restaurants between a 3.5 to 5 star ranking.
  4. Beer Advocate
    as a self proclaimed "beer snob" if a beer has less than an 80/100... au revoir. 90-95 now We R Talking. 95+ here is my first born.
  5. YouTube
    YouTube ups or downs don't matter bc the people who care enough to vote or comment are not "the people my mother would want me to be friends with"