from best to worst
  1. Louise Henderson
    very fast replies and boundless enthusiasm. 10/10 would recommend. also the read receipts are a +.
  2. Brian Henderson
    although I have not texted him, he seems like the type of guy who would text back immediately, despite the flip phone barrier
  3. Kristen Henderson (@kristen)
    initiates texts, a good texter who often shares meaningful links and exciting anecdotes. yet sometimes leaves conversations abruptly. time difference also throws a curveball
  4. Glennis Henderson
    as she is a firefighter, I would suspect she has a fast response time. have not texted this Hendy, but she's proven a worthy snapchatter
  5. Allison Henderson (@A)
    sometimes doesn't respond for days, also stops mid conversation. her ballin' lifestyle does not translate to a slam dunk on SMS and iMessage