Drinks Recipes

  1. Rose & Rye
  2. Spa Collins
  3. Eastside
  4. California Gin & Tonic
  5. Improved Vodka Soda
  6. Lazy Lover
    Grapefruit Vodka - Dry Lavender Soda - Creme de Violette - Dolin Blanc, from the Library of Distilled Spirits @ The Hyatt Union Square
  7. Japanese consumers drink whiskey neat, on the rocks, twice up (equal parts whisky and water), mizuwari (whisky and water at a ratio similar to a non-carbonated Highball), Highballs and, of course, cocktails.
  8. Clover Club
    1 egg white (separate in tall tin until ready to shake) 1 oz simple syrup 1 oz lemon juice 2 raspberries 1-1/2 oz gin dry shake vigorously add ice and shake serve up in a coupe glass with a raspberry garnish
  9. Left Hand
    1 ½ oz bourbon ¾ oz sweet vermouth 1/2 oz Campari 4 dashes chocolate bitters Stir. Strain. Garnish with orange peel.
  10. Last Word
    3/4 oz gin 3/4 oz lime juice 3/4 oz maraschino liqueur 3/4 oz green Chartreuse shake and serve up
  11. Kentucky Ginger (Campbell's Apartment NYC)
    2 oz. Maker’s Mark Bourbon 1 oz. ginger liqueur 1 tsp. agave nectar 1 1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice 1 sprig muddled rosemary Instructions: Shake in a glass and serve over ice
  12. Martinez
    2 oz Gin 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth 1/4 oz Luxardo liquor Dash Angostura Bitters Stir with ice cubes and a lemon twist for garnish
  13. Aviación (adapted from The Esquire Tavern, San Antonio, TX)
    1-1/2 oz tequila 3/4 oz hibiscus liquor 3/4 oz fresh lime juice Splash simple syrup (optional) Shake with ice; then strain into a cocktail glass
  14. Aviation
    2oz gin 1/2 oz lemon juice 1/4 oz crème de violette 1/2 oz Luxardo maraschino liqueur Shake with ice and strain into martini glass, garnish with a Luxardo cherry
  15. Black Manhattan
    Averna instead of vermouth and orange bitters in addition to Angostura
  16. Ginger Fizz (non-alcoholic)
    Build in a highball 3/4 full of ice 1 oz ginger syrup 1/2 oz lime juice 4-5 oz sparkling water or seltzer Garnish with crystallized ginger and lime
  17. Paloma (non-alcoholic)
    1 oz grapefruit juice 1 oz agave syrup Pinch sea salt Shake and strain into highball with ice and top with club soda or grapefruit soda Garnish with rosemary sprig and slice of grapefruit
  18. Gin & Tonic
    This legendary drink was introduced to the army of the British East India Company at the height of the British Empire. Malaria, a constant problem with officers and troops in India, was treated at the time with quinine, which tastes bitter and terrible. So the officers started mixing theirs with sugar, lime, and gin to make the stuff drinkable. 1-1/2 ounces Gin (1/2 ounce Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice) Tonic Water Lime Garnish
  19. Cuba Libre (Rum & Coke)
    Cuba Libre was the battle cry for the Cuba Liberation Army during the war of independence from Spain at the turn of the 20th century. Coca-Cola first came to Cuba in the bags of U.S. troops who invaded the island as part of the Spanish-American War in 1898.
  20. Gunfire
    A much less popular drink, this concoction was served to the members of the British Army in the 1890's to give them a bump of courage before a morning attack. More recently, British troops in the Korean War would give it out to U.S. military policemen after recovery missions. Some UK troops still consume Gunfire on special occasions, especially Christmas when officers serve it to their troops. Recipe 1 cup of hot, black tea 1 shot of rum
  21. Sidecar
    Legend has it the Sidecar was created when a WWI Army Captain couldn't beat a cold. At his favorite bar in Paris, the bartender made this libation and named it after the motorcycle sidecar in which he was usually chauffeured. Recipe 1-3/4 ounces Cognac 3/4 ounce Cointreau 1/2 ounce Fresh Lemon Juice Orange Twist Garnish Combine liquids in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to blend and chill. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange twist.
  22. French 75
    WWI fighter pilot Raoul Lufbery was of French and American descent, flying with the Lafayette Escadrille who wanted to fight against Germany even though the US had not yet entered the war. For Lufbery's American side, champagne wasn't enough - so he spiked his with cognac, a mix he said made him feel like he was hit by a French 75mm howitzer. 1-1/4 ounce Cognac 3/4 ounce Lemon Juice 1/2 ounce Simple Syrup Shake Pour into flute and top with brut champagne