1. Left the house at 11 am for our 2:17 flight to JFK, where we would then board a 4:50 plane to Burbank. Things were looking great - flight was on time, dad kept saying how HE was going to miss the Little Building but I managed to just ignore him.
  2. Mom and I get bloody Mary's at the airport. I also get some sweet potato fries and my nerves seem to melt away thanks to the vodka.
  3. We begin to board the plane. We're just about to put our foot inside the door until the captain pops his head out from literally nowhere as says, "whoops! Looks like we'll have to get everyone off the plane! Can't take off for another hour!"
  4. Mom and I say, "shit! What about Burbank?" We wait in the help line to ask what we should do. A fellow passenger has commandeered a help desk phone to call her mother. We wonder why she would do that.
  5. Flight gets delayed again. This time to 5:30. There's nothing we can do - Burbank is lost. There's no hope so we just plan to figure shit out at JFK until -
  6. FLIGHT TO JFK IS CANCELLED. Severe wind they say! We say - what?!?!
  7. Help desk round two with the rest of our flight 417 comrades - Semester abroad group, frizzy hair lady, grouchy wheelchair lady, Asian kids with Asian grandma!
  8. But then! JetBlue™ takes it upon themselves to rebook our flights! So now we leave tomorrow at 2pm.
  9. Instead of having dad pick us up because he is a frightened driver, now we are staying in a LIT hotel room next to the Boston highway.
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  10. Fooooooooooooook!!!!